July Favorites 

Once again another month has crept up on us so I figured I would do a monthly favorites for July. July for me was all about my hair since where I moved to has super hard water and has been reeking havoc on my hair since May! It’s a hot mess, so with that being said let’s get started!

ZOTOS Professional 180 PRO Smooth and Soft Recovery Shampoo

I picked this up at Sally’s and have been using this shampoo For about 2 1/2 weeks. I feel it has helped my hair some but it hasn’t been long enough to say that it has repaired 2 years of abuse as the bottle states, but I have high hopes! My hair definitely isn’t as dull as it has become so I’m definitely loving that!

Madam CJ Walker Wonderful Deep Conditioning Masque
Now this is the best thing that I’ve used on my hair in a long longggg time. You leave it on for 15 minutes and I like to put the blow dryer a little bit before rinsing and my hair is soft,  shiny and healthy, I wish I could use it every day but it’s only recommended for use once a week. 

Clinique pep-start 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser 
I am loving this cleanser so much, the micro cleansers leave my face so fresh and smooth I got a sample in my Sephora Play box and I will be purchasing as soon as it’s gone. 

TooFaced Born This Way Liquid Foundation 
I bought a bottle in the shade Natural Beige and this shade is gorgeous and blends away beautifully!


I got this from Influenster to test out and I feel it’s almost the perfect matte lippie out there. It’s non drying and the color truly lasts and lasts, only thing that they need to work on is the sticky texture. But I love the shade it’s called Lover. 

Well you all, that is all for July, have you used any of these and if so what are your thoughts? As always thank you so much for checking me out dears, much love,

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