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Naked Heat

Meet the latest eyeshadow palette in Urban Decays Naked line that everyone’s buzzing about, Naked Heat. 

Naked Heat is the first full 12 shadow palette from the  brands Naked line since July 2015 and boasts 12 universally flattering eyeshadow shades from copper to orange as per the latest eyeshadow trends. It’s also being said that the shades will go with any lip color but we will have to wait until June 12 when there is an exclusive presale on so if your lucky you can be one of the first to try it out! And for the rest of us Naked Heat officially launches everywhere June 30th for $54 . 

I’m really liking the shades, especially He-Devil which everyone apparently already thinks is a mistake but it’s not , cofounder Wende Zomnir says, “It’s the men in my life that are the He-Devils.”

Well I hope you enjoyed my post, are you going to scoop one up as soon as you can? 

As always thank you so much for reading my blog, much love, 

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