Jeffree Star feuding with Too Faced CEO!!! 

Say it isn’t so!!! Or if you’re from around here “say it ain’t so” ! Vlogger Jeffree Star is calling out Too Faced Co-creator Jarred Blandino over payment discrepancies for fellow beauty vlogger NickieTutorials. Apparently when Too Faced and NickieTutorials teamed up to make The Power of Makeup pallet it brought it 9,000,000 dollars, and of which NickieTutorials allegedly only received around 50,000 dollars. Blandino has declined to comment so far. 

Just this weekend Jarred Blandino came under fire over an Instagram post apparently throwing shade at Tarte Cosmetics, here is the post, what do y’all think? 

I personally think someone needs to inform them that there are no such things as unicorns and I’m really angry that a company who supposedly just wants to make every woman feel beautiful and special yadda yadda blah would screw over one like that. Well he tried but I don’t think he’s going to get any richer being a “Champion for Women Everywhere” after this. I know I personally am going to stop buying their products if this is all true, they can keep the fakery, that’s something I cannot stand. 

Anywho my dolls, I just wanted to share and get the word out. Ttyl lovies!

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