M.A.C. Eyeshadow Review

Hey you guys ! Review time once again! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend , mine was an incredibly lazy weekend, as I didn’t finish but One project but started thousands of other ones. Well since I’m just sitting around here beyond lazy I thought I would share my thoughts on two shades of MAC eyeshadow pans I’ve purchased about a month or so. I didn’t have much to spend so I bought a 2 Shade Build Your Own Pallet and The refill pans in Paradisco and Expresso are 0.05oz for $6 each , I think the two shade pallet was around 3 or 4 dollars .

The Orange shade is Paradisco, a sheer, verrry sheer dark peach shimmer, the color is absolutely gorgeous but it takes a lot of building to achieve any color payoff, which is very disappointing to me, even applied wet it takes a good bit of building also.

The brown is Expresso, a medium dark matte brown. It’s a little more pigmented than Paradisco but still does not give a lot of color payoff without some building.  Here are the  swatches and please note the orange shade has 4 layers apply.

Overall after purchasing these two, I don’t think I will purchase MAC Eyeshadow again, because I really don’t care for makeup that you have to use a lot of product to only get slight results from it.

What are your opinions on MAC Eyeshadows? I would love some advice if you know a way to get results with using less product , Thanks for checking me out dears, xoxo 

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