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Sephora Giftbag

Hey beautiful! So I was in Sephora shopping not long ago with my daughter , you know mother daughter bonding, she’s in college so I don’t see her often so when I do I end up spoiling her if I can afford it. She’s my only child and it was hard at first to let her go. I know it sounds crazy but it’s like we kinda grew up together since I had her at 16, I don’t know but let me get back on point! Sorry for rambling on. But as I was saying, were shopping and when I was checking out the salesperson asked me if I wanted to apply for a JC Penny card and said I would receive a gift bag. Me being my usual silly self asked if I had to be approved for the gift? (Lol Didn’t want to waste either of our time,) laughed and said no it is gift for applying, so I’m like hell yeahhh I love free stuff! Long story short, thank God, I know, this is most of everything except for a couple things my daughter wanted, in the bag. Even tho I got the rejection letter today from penny’s, I’m still smiling, with shiny SmashBox lip paint lips! Take care everyone and have a fabulous weekend! Xoxo 😘 

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