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Hello and Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to my lovely readers wherever you may be. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday, as for me it’s a dreary and rainy morning here in Georgia and I’m trying to keep myself motivated but struggling! I saw this tag on the adorable Bella Inizio’s page (go check her out, she’s hilarious) and thought it would be a fun way to let you all get to know me. I’d love to get to know you all too so feel free to give it a go and let me know so I can be nosy, lol just kidding but I do love reading these types of posts! So here we go……

1. Naturally straight or curly hair?  

My hair is as bipolar as I am, some parts are super wavy and some are more straight, and when the humidity is super high like it always is here in Georgia it’s just insane, frizz for days.
2. What is your natural hair colour? 

As I said in the previous question it’s bipolar, I have dark blond to brown undertones and natural light blonde highlights and a strawberry blond hint in some places, sometimes, no idea bout that.

3.   Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon? 

OMG no when I do dye it I go to the salon, I tried bleaching it once and ended up looking like a cross between a skunk and a cheetah!

4. How often do you wash your hair? 

Around 3 times a week because my hair would be a frizzy unmanageable mess if I washed it more than that.

5. Do you wear the same style everyday or change it? 

Pretty much the same 

6. How often do you change your nail polish? 

I go through spells of nail art so it’s hard to say, right now I’m not so they aren’t even polished.

7. How long does it take you to do your make up? 

On average I would say 45 minutes for the whole shabang, 20 if it’s just a quick in a hurry type of thing.

8. What do you do first, face or eyes? 

Face mostly, unless I’m trying a new look with dark or super bright shades.

9. Do you collect makeup or just buy it when you need it? 

I’m not sure if it’s collecting when you absolutely need every awesome product you see. I’m pretty sure my makeup spending habits will have me in divorce court someday.

10. Will you ever leave the house without makeup? 

I do it all the time 

11. Do you wear a full face of makeup everyday? 

Depends on my mood. But almost everyday I do

12. How many high end products do you own? 

I’m not sure what exactly is considered high end, I’m a Sephora kind of person so maybe it’s in between end. No Dior or Le Mor or whatever it’s called .

13. How often do you clean your brushes? 

I try to at least 2 times a week but I’m starting to slip 

14. How often do you change up whats in your handbag? 

My handbag is full of junk I apparently can’t live without and a wallet, I can’t change it out, I just add to it! 

15. Do you read other blogs?

Of Course! I love reading them! 

16. What camera do you use for your pictures? iPhone 5s, I so need to upgrade but then how will I afford makeup! 

Well my loves, that’s that! I hope you enjoyed reading! Go ahead and do it yourself and let me know when you do so I can check it out! Hope you all have a fabulous week! Xoxo,

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