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Review of MOONCHILD GLOW KIT by Anastasia Beverly Hills 

Hey guys! As promised,  I’m doing a review and posting swatches from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit, so while I was sitting here bored because I’ve somehow gotten my days and nights mixed up, I thought I would go ahead make it happen for y’all . Hope you like and enjoy! 

Guess Factory

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The Moonchild Glow Kit is a collection of 6 gorgeous intergalactic   metallic shades you can mix with other, wear alone or one in different areas for a funky kaleidoscopic glow on your face or body. 

I absolutely love mine, but for me it’s not my go to highlighter for every day, but that’s just my preference, you can wear it everyday if that’s your style because it is a totally gorgeous kit. So I am happy I purchased and I will buy again. You totally should head to (not sold in stores) and pick you one up today! 

Well that’s about it as am starting to get sleepy and my brain is trying to shut down. As always, thanks for reading! Xoxo

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