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Best/Worst Highlighters 

Laura Geller Beauty

What are, in your opinions, the best and worst highlighters? Drugstore and high end. 

10 thoughts on “Best/Worst Highlighters 

  1. I love Colour Pop,I admit that it did take me a bit to learn to use it bc of their weirdo formula though. Also I just got a few of the Wet N Wild ones and they are pretty dang good…and inexpensive! I really want the ABH Moon Child though,I just would like to be able to swatch it in store.

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    1. I have it a wet n wild one myself, I agree, it really is a good highlighter especially for the price. I also have the Moonchild, it’s really a good one too, the colors shine gorgeously, if you’re into funky highlighter shades it’s definitely worth the money!


      1. YESS! haha. I swatched the Kat Von D Alchemist palette at Sephora since everyone compared the two. I really liked it but the pans were so tiny so I figured Moon Child would be the one for me. But then I kept seeing how on some people it looked like a bruise haha. So…I’m torn. I need to just buy it and go on with life haha.

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      2. Lol!!! From the pictures I’ve seen they both do look alike, I haven’t swatched the KVD for myself so I won’t swear to it lol but you do get 6 shades with Moonchild also


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