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Too Faced Totally Cute Review 

Hey gorgeous! 

I’m unofficially declaring March 9th Too Faced Day world wide. As we all know Too Faceds Summer 2017 Collection dropped today so in honor of Too Faced Day here is a review of my latest Too Faced purchase. Hopefully soon I will be able to review one of the Summer Collection items (crossing fingers) but until then there’s this! 

I purchased the Totally Cute Eyeshadow Pallet online last week during the Too Faced Melting Hot Sale, and boy was it hot, I would have purchased more but I promised the ball n chain I wouldn’t spend so much on makeup for a while, but at 18 dollars there was no way I was going to pass this up. The pallet also comes with adorable stickers (I know!) to decorate your palette with, 9 highly pigmented shades and a How-To Glamour Guide with 3 looks to try out.                                           

I must say that I’m very happy with this product, the quality is excellent, the shadows apply and blend easily and are all gorgeous! The pallet is compact so you can carry it around in your purse if you wanted to. So I definitely recommend this to everyone who loves totally cute stuff, and stickers of course! 

Thanks for checking out my blog love! As always much love ❤️ 
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