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Laura Merciers New Glow Pallet Just May Be A Game Changer! 

There’s a new Highlighter aka Glow Pallet in town and it’s been described for the adult who still loves the Unicorn look but on the other hand can’t wear it really anywhere without looking like she’s trying to hard,you know what I’m saying? Let’s be honest , some of the Glow kits out there really aren’t that reasonable for every day wear.

That’s what I absolutely love about the Laura Mercier Lightstruck Glow Pallet, you get all the pretty, and I mean really pretty, Holo packaging and some gorgeous, multidimensional,sheer creme highlighters that are perfect for everyday wear! The luminous shades play off of each other in different light conditions so there’s endless glow possibilities! Let’s break down the stunning shades.

First you have Aurora, a peach with hints of pink that is an all over base and quite pretty shade in itself .

Next you have Prism which is a yellow gold. Then there’s Beam that is silver, Reflect that is bronze, and lastly Ray which is sand toned.

For a sheer glow, apply Reflect and Prism over Aurora, or if you are wanting a more dewy look, also over Aurora apply Beam and Ray.

If you’re liking what I’ve shown you , then head to Sephora because they are Exclusively sold there for $52 usd .

Well that’s all of the goods I got for you guys on this pallet for now. I can’t wait to get one for myself and see how many looks I can come up with from it. So are you going to or have you tried it out yet? Love/hate, worth the price or nah? Let me know! As always much love, Alexis 😍😘
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