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The Worst Allergy Season Ever! 

I don’t usually post off topicish (is that a word, oh well I made it one) material but I just wanted to make a post to let everyone know that I’m still here, I just have been literally suffering through allergy season, even tho technically it isn’t allergy season, but tell that to everything blooming around me. 

So to the beauty point of the post. I am so lost as to what to do , I use Flonase, Benadryl etc but it seems like as soon a eyeshadow brush comes near my eyes they start watering like crazy. I don’t like to waste product but it seems that is all I am doing cause it just runs and gets wiped away. So I just wondered if you guys had any special tricks or treatments for itching and watery eyes during allergy season? Let me know in the comments, please help this watery mess of a beauty blogger out! Much love! Alexis 

2 thoughts on “The Worst Allergy Season Ever! 

  1. Have you ever tried nasal irrigation to help combat seasonal allergies? Oftentimes sinus inflammation and reactions from allergies have a knock-on effect on your eyes. Our family sticks to irrigation during allergy season.

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