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Eyeshadow Technique That’s A Cut Above the Rest 

Looking for a trendy new eyeshadow look that promises bigger and brighter eyes? Then the gorgeous and dramatic cut crease is what you need in your life!!! This technique is everything!!!! .

 It’s a really simple concept, it definitely takes patience to achieve but luckily there’s a simple version of the technique that I’ll share with you,  if you like, just read on.

Simple Cut Crease 

  1. Apply primer to entire lid and set with loose powder.
  2. Apply a light eyeshadow to the whole lid area.
  3. Use a dark eyeliner to sketch V Shape starting in middle of the eye and connect to the outer corner using less pressure in the middle for thinner and heavier towards the outer corner for a thicker line.
  4. Using an eyeshadow brush blend the line towards the outer corner.
  5. Apply eyeshadow of your choice over line and slightly blend above. (A matter shade does the best in my opinion)
  6. Define lashline using a liquid or gel eyeliner and wing outwards.
  7. Brush same eyeshadow used above for your line along your bottom lash line.

Here are some gorgeous examples of the cut crease technique that I am going to try out, which will you try? 

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