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10 Hot Spring 2017 Trends

Ah yes, y’all know I love a good list so here’s one with some of the awesome trends for spring this year.Ya know I try to keep y’all up to date with the hottest of the hottest! So here are a few that are blazing up the runways for your viewing pleasure! 

One Shoulder Tops And Dresses

Glamour Magazine calls this “One of Spring 2017’s Most Wearable Trends” because no matter your size, anyone can pull off this look and make it fierce! Score!!!

High Ponytails

This ultra Chic look is back baby! So simple too, just pull your hair up high and wrap a few strands around the base and WALA your gorgeous darling!

Orange Eyeshadow and Nails 

And no it’s not just for gingers! From all over color to undertones your eyes will pop with a hot pumpkin shade! 

Thin Logo Tees

Say it with your shirt!!!! It’s time once again to break out your “I’m With Stupid” t-shirt and rock it to the fullest!!! If you’re a fan of self expression through fashion than this is your year for sure!!! 

Sea foam Green Eyeshadow 

I’m absolutely loving this hot makeup trend!  It’s super easy and there are tons of tutorials you can freshen up your eyeshadow application game.

Accent braids 

This spring show off your creativie Style with an  accent braid or two added to your style.

Sheer Tops and Dresses 

Ultra chic and super sexy, sheer tops and dresses have all the makings of a hot trend. Pair them with chic lingerie and you got a winner hands down!

All Pink Everything 

Fans of the minimalistic trends are totally exited about this one shade makeup look, and I can’t say that I blame them either! Her eyeshadow and blush are from a new technique called “curtaining”, basically using the same shade for blush and eyeshadow and connecting them together. 

Bone Straight Hair

Time to dust off those straiteners once again, the bone straight style is back! Just make sure to protect your gorgeous locks with some heat protectant and such!

Bra Tops 

I am a huge fan of these, I think that they are adorable, pair one with some faded jeans and sandals and your totally poppin! 

Well that’s all for this list of Spring Trends 2017, I hope you enjoyed checking them out and try them out for yourself! If so let me know in the comments, or let me know which ones you would like to try out! I love  and appreciate your feedback. Thanks for reading my blog! 😘

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