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Totally 90’s!!!

Like omg!!!! I’m super excited about this years hottest trend! The 90’s are back, with all of their rad awesomeness and sparkling glory! From braided belts to glittery eyes here’s a look at some of the hottest trends from then and now!

Floral Print

Yes the totally adorable dresses from my yesteryear are back! And the big floppy hats are joining them as well!

Brown Lips 

What lip color collection is complete without a few shades of brown in it? Truly a staple of the 90’s indeed.


This is a trend that I’m especially super excited about! I’m totally loving the new twist of added to the classic by adding a second or third tier necklace to the original choker. I just think that is so sexy and unique!

Ruffled Tops

Yes it’s time to dust off that box in your closet or attic and get those ruffled beauties out ! You can wear them with a business suit for work and pair them with a skirt or jeans for play!


Nothing says 90’s like an oversized flannel top. Today’s trend seems to wear them as a wraparound your waist just in case it gets a little chilly out.

High waisted baggy jeans

   AKA boyfriend jeans have made a comeback and just like back then, the more rugged the better!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my little list of 90’s trends made new again. I’m sure there are still a lot more to come back out , so stay tuned. What are some of your favorite trends from the nineties? Let me know in the comments and as always thank you so much for reading my stuff! 😘

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