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Review: Photofocus Setting Spray by Wet n Wild

Well guys I’m going to be honest and say I was SUPER excited when I found this little bottle of setting spray from Wet n Wild for like five bucks.  And it is quite little, 1.52 fl oz to be exact. But hey, its only five bucks right?! So the next day I do my makeup and get my new bottle out to try the spray and when I pressed the button down I was like “whoa! that’s alot coming out in one general direction!” So I spray again to get the rest of my face and same thing, but it only cost 5 dollars so it’s not going to be perfect. It held my makeup in place but had a really dewy sheen almost sweaty/oily look to it but it wasn’t bad, and it could have different effects for different skin types. I’m loving it at this point because these days anything that saves you money and works is a huge win in my book. So the next day I’m doing my makeup and my eyelids are sore and tender, but I attributed that to over blending since I had just gotten new eyeshadow and had been playing with it the day before, y’all know how it is so I just took it easy with my eyes. Well later that evening my eyelids were literally shrinking or wrinkling towards the inner corner and I had a couple blotches on my face, and around my mouth, so I was just freaking out trying to think of what could have caused this and the only thing that was used all over my face was this spray. This was yesterday, super bowl and my face is still a drying up mess tonight. I’ve been alternating aloe lotion and coconut oil around the clock and they seem to be helping but I’m probably going to call my doctor tomorrow if it’s still no better. So I guess you can tell that I won’t be recommending this product to anyone, especially those of you with sensitive skin, which the bottle has no warning either. 

So those are my thoughts, have any of you had an issue like this, if so let me know what you did in the comments! Thanks for checking out my blog! 😘

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