Bold Lips and Pale Skin

img_9794If you’re like me and melanin challenged then you know what a struggle it can be to rock some bold makeup. And before I get started, please know that if what you do with your makeup works for you, then by all means, rock that shit honey! Because I am not here to tell anyone how to wear makeup, I’m just sharing some research I have done ok? Awesome.


The first thing I want to talk about is the bold lip. Yes Ladies us pale faced girls can rock a bold lip. The key to it is to make it the should I say “star” of your face. That means you should keep all other makeup to a minimum so the focus stays on your sexy pout. Instead of looking like a clown…. so if a bold lip is what you want then here are a few tips to keep it sexy (and not bleed everywhere).First you exfoliate your lips with your favorite lip scrub. Then line your lips with a brown liner. Then go around your mouth with concealer before adding the lipstick of your choice. And remember you can add a pink gloss to cool it down or a gold gloss to warm and soften your look.

As far as eyes go, you can make your eyes totally pop with black mascara, the blacker the better. Stay tuned for more tips and such! Xoxo 💋

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